BORO*ATELIER is specialised in screenprints with natural ink made of plants and minerals.

Screenprinting is a method for printing very finely detailed images on textile in series. At BORO*ATELIER, screenprinting is done by hand using natural ink only. These sustainable, biodegradable ink varieties absorb well, become nice and matte when dry and can be washed at 60 degrees (subject to the printed textile). The colour of the textile affects the final colour of the ink which allows for more and more colours to be created by playing with the surface colour. A sample is made for each assignment and production isn’t started until the sample has been approved.

For the best result and the fastest possible delivery, we ask you to supply a vector file (.ai, .EPS, .PDF) in the right size with the fonts outlined in the colour black. In a design that consists of multiple layers, the various colour layers must be supplied in separate layers or separate files. Please also include a line drawing of the item, indicating the ratios and placement of the print.

BORO*ATELIER offers the ability to screenprint products or textile at a very small scale (150 pieces and up).