stencil print

BORO*ATELIER is specialised in stencil printing with ricepaste and natural ink made of plants and minerals.Stencil printing is an artisan printing technique that looks like it’s been hand-painted. The natural ink is carefully pushed into the contours of the stencil using a brush.

This sustainable, biodegradable ink absorbs well into the fabric, becomes nice and matte when dry (depending on the textile at hand) and can be washed at 60 degrees. The colour of the textile affects the final colour of the ink so by playing with the surface colour, more and more new colours can be created. A sample is made for each assignment and production doesn’t begin until the sample and quotation are approved.

For the best result and the fastest process, we ask that you supply a vector file (.ai, .EPS, .PDF) in the correct size with the fonts outlined. The images and letters must be fitted with bridges to make sure that when cutting out the letter D for example, the inner part remains in its place. A stencil font will already have these bridges. Please send us a line drawing of the item, indicating the ratios and print placement.