producing in a social and sustainable way

We offer designers and (fashion) brands the opportunity to produce in a social and sustainable way starting at 150 pieces. 

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natural dye

BORO*ATELIER is specialised in natural dyeing of textile using a unique, safe process that is non-toxic and consumes less water to boot! This natural dyeing process offers a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dyes because they are extracted from plants, roots and minerals and are biodegradable as a result.

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The sewing department at BORO*ATELIER specialises in producing textile products, accessories and specific one-off (art) objects or products. BORO*ATELIER offers artists, designers and (fashion) brands the opportunity to produce at a small scale, and do it sustainably, socially and locally in Amsterdam.

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Completely in accordance with the BORO principle; “use everything and waste nothing”, we like to work with residual fabric or existing items of clothing that are upcycled to create new products. For example, by naturally dyeing an old batch of clothes to give them a second life.

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Screenprinting is a method for printing very finely detailed images on textile in series. At BORO*ATELIER, screenprinting is done by hand using natural ink only. These sustainable, biodegradable ink varieties absorb well, become nice and matte when dry and can be washed at 60 degrees.

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stencil print

Stencil printing with ricepaste and natural ink that is made of plants and minerals. Stencil printing is an artisan printing technique that looks like it’s been hand-painted. The natural ink is carefully pushed into the contours of the stencil using a brush.

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