We're merging the local, social and sustainable side of the textile production.

BORO is a Japanese philosophical concept: “use everything and waste nothing”. Textile production, without wasting raw materials and talent! We offer people the opportunity to strengthen themselves by developing their talents and get the best out of themselves.

We've developed a special training course and offer the most efficient and sustainable way for long-term job seekers and/or people with refugee backgrounds.

We constantly work on different natural dyes that don't harm the environment and your skin.

social impact

Socially responsible textile production aimed at guiding participants towards paid work or a next step. We offer a special training to long-term job seekers and/or refugee status holders.

natural dye

Non-toxic dye that consumes less water compared to conventional dyes. This natural dyeing process constitutes a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dye because the substances are extracted from plants, roots and minerals and are therefore biodegradable.

organic materials

Only certified, sustainably produced organic cotton. Quality labels like GOTS and OEKOTEX guarantee that the cotton is friendly to the environment and humans alike and does not contain any damaging toxic substances.

handmade in the netherlands

Our local textile atelier is situated in Amsterdam. Participants learn various crafts such as sewing, screen printing and dyeing plant-based textile.

working on the future of textile production since 2015

We've worked with industry leaders in clothing and interior to create sustainable and local products. By that we've created a local space where people can work on their personal development and offer them support where needed.
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