natural dye

BORO*ATELIER is specialised in natural dyeing of textile using a unique, safe process that is non-toxic and consumes less water to boot! This natural dyeing process offers a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dyes because they are extracted from plants, roots and minerals and are biodegradable as a result.

BORO*ATELIER offers the ability to dye items of clothing from top to bottom, but pattern elements or pieces of textile can be dyed naturally using the dye baths as well. Every textile variety, whether it be cotton, linen, wool or silk, has its own unique response to the natural dye bath, plus the colour, e.g. white or ecru, also affects the final colour outcome. Each colour has its own dye bath sequence needed to achieve the intended colour. For example, in the case of indigo blue; the darker you want it, the more dips in the dye bath are required but in order to get a deep pink / red from madder, the dye bath needs a higher temperature and the textile needs more time in the dye bath.

A sample is made for each specific product or textile variety, exploring the best order and ratios of ingredients to achieve the intended colours.