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boro napkin printing workshop / saturdays

boro napkin printing workshop / saturdays

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Date & Time: after winter!


Ferdinand Huyckstraat 24, 1061 HW Amsterdam

Approx workshop time: 120 minutes

This is a beginner level natural dye workshop where you'll learn all the basics and hints about natural dyes. During the class, you'll be taken step-by-step through the natural dying process. For the dying process will work with leftovers from organic onions. First we will start with a piece of test fabric, getting to know how the process works. You will have the opportunity to experiment with folding techniques and create you very own, unique design. At the end of the course you will dye ( by only using bio-based ingredients) your own 45x 45cm napkin set of two pieces.

Materials included:
  • 2x organic cotton hemstitched napkins (handmade by our atelier)
  • 1x test fabric 

You can select one of the colours: yellow (yellow onion) or green (red onion).

All colours are natural, showing the beauty of nature. The napkins can change colour after using and being exposed to UV light.

Ideally the fabric you make needs to dry overnight, or at least 1 hour and can be collected from the workshop location afterwards. 

The cost of the workshop is inclusive of all materials and your unique 45 x 45cm napkins (2 pieces).

You're more than welcome to bring your own onion left overs as well!

All workshop attendees will receive a 20% discount code to use at our website.

The confirmation email you receive upon your booking is an e-ticket. We don't send out physical tickets. 

Workshop is in Dutch and/or English.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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We work in line with the BORO principle; use everything and waste nothing, pieces of residual fabric are upcycled to create new products. Nothing is discarded if it doesn’t have to be.